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Belk Gym has been designated as an early voting site, open from Oct. 15 through Oct. 31. Residents in the Mecklenburg County area can register to vote and vote all in one day at any early voting site. 

Early voting in Belk Gym takes place at 8 a.m. and closes at 7:30 p.m. every day. On Oct. 31, voting will end at 3 p.m. Election official Leslie Haley says that there is an average of 45 minutes during the busiest times of the day. 

A curbside voting option is also available at UNC Charlotte near Belk Gym in Lot 7. Voters will be given a folder with their ballot inside which they must complete in front of an election official. Voters can also cast their mail-in ballots at this location. 

According to Charlotte City Council member Braxton Winston, 35,269 ballots were cast on the first day of early voting in Mecklenburg County.

In order to register and vote on the same day, individuals must provide proof of residency. According to the Early Voting website on 49er Democracy, proof can be shown in two ways. If you are a student at UNC Charlotte living on campus, you can show the UNC Charlotte housing website with your dorm room assignment and your student ID. If you are living off-campus, you can provide a lease agreement, a North Carolina driver’s license or photo ID, a utility bill, a bank statement, or a government document with the your name and address. Note that identification is not needed to vote–just to register.

Parking is free for voters and is located in Lot 7. Parking officials will direct traffic and limit UNC Charlotte students and employees from using the space. Vehicles will be towed if parked in the reserved areas of Lot 7 after 5 a.m.

Individuals can find information regarding early voting off-campus on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website. This website gives a breakdown of how the early voting process will work off-campus and how individuals can vote in person or by mail.

Voters can confirm their registration status and view a sample ballot using this voting search tool

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website, polling sites are taking several safety precautions against COVID-19 including social distancing, providing hand sanitizer and masks for those who don’t have any, equipping election workers with gloves and face shields, installing barriers at the check-in desks, providing single use pens, having volunteers that are readily available to clean high-contact surfaces throughout the day, as well as recruiting poll workers that are less susceptible to the virus. 

Haley added that at Belk Gym in particular, after the voter has left their station the area will be sanitized by one of the 12 cleaning people. There are sanitizer stations located throughout the building where people are voting.

For those who prefer to vote on election day, polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. through 7:30 p.m.

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