UNC Charlotte Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) elections took place Sept. 23-24 and the results are in. 

The freshman class elected a president and at-large senators. Winning 52% of the votes, Richard “Dick” Beekman won the title of freshman class president. This year’s freshman at-large senators are Ikram “Tife” Olusesi (17% of votes), Trinh Dang (17% of votes), Destiny Coe (14% of votes) and Tatiyana Larson (12% of votes).

It may have been Dick Beekman’s persistent campaigning and original slogan that got him elected. His slogan “We Need Dick” was a hot topic of conversation among freshmen. 

Beekman also created a Snapchat story for freshmen which included videos and pictures of him campaigning and interacting with other freshmen, getting them to recite the unique slogan. His slogan was inspired by a friend who used a similar tactic and was successful with it. 

“My sister went to highschool with a guy by the name of Adam Schmidt who is now currently serving as the President of the Senate for NC State,” said Beekman. “My sister informed me that Adam had won every one of his elections with not just his great ideas, but also by using the campaign slogan ‘Get Schmidt Done.’” 

Originally there were 18 candidates running for freshman class president, so Beekman needed something to set him apart from the others. 

“My colleagues from the Marine Corps would affectionately call me Dick from time to time, and as such, I settled on the campaign slogan ‘We Need Dick,’” Beekman explained. “In regards to the campaign itself, I wanted to come up with unique and creative ways to reach voters. That’s why, in addition to traditional methods such as posters and flyers, I also decided to use Snapchat Geostories as a way to connect with voters using 21st-century ideas and innovation.”

The sophomore class elected at-large senators. The new senators are Gabi Hitchcock (22% of votes), Jessica Massenburg (22% of votes), Khadeeja Shive (13% of votes) and Ukamaka “Ukaa” Okonkwo (13% of votes). 

This year’s junior at-large senators are Alexis Bethea (27% of votes), Rani Young (21% of votes), Jacob Baum (20% of votes), Jeremy Goldsby (17% of votes) and Enosh Ishman (14% of votes). 

The senior at-large senators elected this year are Chloe Yarbrough (40% of votes) and Matthew Basel (32% of votes). 

Several of the academic colleges here at UNC Charlotte have their own senators. The Belk College of Business senators are Naga Ganesh Mummidi (56% of votes) and Rahad Firdausi (26% of votes). The College of Arts and Architecture senator is Tia Wilso (100% of votes). The senators for the College of Computing and Informatics are Sonnisha “Bonnie” Raun (55% of votes) and Aditya Bhujle (45% of votes). 

As for the College of Health and Human Services, Nylah Lemard (44% of votes) is this year’s senator. The University College senator is Mason Kirkpatrick (100% of votes) and the William States Lee College of Engineering senator is Priya Patel (100% of votes). 

The Fraternity and Sorority Special Interest senator is Zachary Mazag (59% of votes) and the Interest Special Interest senator is Kayla Henry (100% of votes). Adjara Dembele is this year’s International Special Interest senator (100% of votes).

This year’s Multicultural Special Interest senator is Johana Ndjocu Nguba (100% of votes) and the Service/Volunteering Special Interest senator is Jennifer Brown (100% of votes). 

In addition to senators for each grade, there are also at-large senators for the University in general. The elected at-large senators for this year include Alyssa Lopez (12% of votes), Charles “Vince” Graham (11% of votes), Katie Walsh (9% of votes), Amber Brumfield (9% of votes), Jon Mitchell (9% of votes), Matt Ramsay (9% of votes), Jamila Mckinnon (8% of votes), Raina Riddick (8% of votes), Ross Landgraf (7% of votes), Clayton “Clay” Britt (7% of votes) and Dhruv Sadhu (7% of votes).

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