Arcadia Student Living

In the late evening of Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2020 residents woke to the sound of gunfire followed by the flashing lights of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. One man was shot, and was later identified as 20-year-old Yazeed Alsawalha. He suffered a gunshot wound and was later pronounced dead, according to CMPD. 

CMPD released a case update to their Twitter on Oct 6. identifying Alsawalha as the deceased and said, “The investigation into this case is active and on going.” Identification on the shooter and details involving what led up to the crime have not been released to the public yet. 

The shooting occurred off of Falling Waters Court, a street located within the off-campus student living complex Arcadia Student Living. 

Landmark Properties, the company that manages Arcadia Student Living, released a statement saying, “We have zero tolerance for individuals and actions that threaten the well-being of our residents, staff and guests.” Due to the fact that the investigation is still active, they could not provide further details but expressed that CMPD believes the crime is an “isolated incident and does not suspect any present threat to the safety of those at Arcadia Student Living.” 

The email said that the complex "would be continuing correspondence with the CMPD.”

Both Arcadia Student Living and CMPD urge anyone that has any information regarding this ongoing investigation to reach out to the CMPD at 704-336-7600.


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