UNC Charlotte sent a Niner Notice on Oct. 16 informing the University that Laurel, Levine and Lynch halls were undergoing testing for COVID-19 after several residents tested positive.  

In an interview with the Niner Times, Halee Warren (‘22) gave a detailed description of her experience with being in quarantine at Levine Hall, from receiving the email to being released from lockdown. 

“We got the email at around 12 p.m. on Friday. I was in my math class [on Zoom] and I went out into the living room and was like, ‘Did everyone else get the same email or was it just me?’” said Warren. “I had heard about it a couple days before; I think the Niner Times released something saying that a Levine student was tested positive and was taken out [to isolate] and so that kind of sent the whole building into a lot of hysteria. They were like ‘Why didn’t anyone tell us? What’s going on?’ So, I think testing everyone was mostly a measure to make sure everyone else felt safe. I found out Friday and Saturday night we got our results back. I came back negative. I feel like it lasted longer than that though. Getting tested wasn’t too bad.” 

When asked about what she was feeling about the entire situation, Warren stated, “I have really bad anxiety anyways and the whole pandemic has really added on to that since March. I was kind of always in a perpetual state of thinking I had COVID-19. So, I stayed on top of it the whole time but, oddly enough, whenever they tested us, I felt peaceful because I was going to receive an official answer and all I could really do was wait. There wasn't anything else I could do at that point.” 

Warren shared a little about what the experience was like to be tested by the nurses and how they made her and her roommates feel comfortable despite the circumstances. 

“We ended up getting tested at 4:30 p.m.. [The nurses] had a great attitude. They double checked our names and they were just really sweet about the whole thing. They were joking around a little, trying to make us feel more comfortable...because they had these hazmat suits on that [were] a little intense.” 

Warren shared that she was mostly afraid she would give the virus to someone else. 

“I don't have asthma or an immune deficiency," said Warren. "I'm not the at-risk individuals they're referring to but some of my roommates are and some of my closest friends that I hang out with are. So I have to make sure that I'm careful for them. Wear a mask because like I said, I know [the testing] is not comfortable, you just have to do it. Not even for yourself, but for the people around you. If it's uncomfortable for you, just imagine how much more uncomfortable it is if you get someone else sick.” 

On Saturday Oct. 17, the University sent out an additional Niner Notice informing the community that there were two clusters of students found among the three residence halls. One cluster had eight students and the other had six students.

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