According to data released on Nov. 8, Mecklenburg County’s COVID-19 positivity rate has risen to 7.0%, up from 5% just two weeks ago. 

This information comes from the Mecklenburg County Department of Public Health's weekly updates to the Mecklenburg County COVID-19 dashboard. As of Nov. 8 the amount of positive cases is 36,625 with 410 deaths. Three in four positive cases were among the age group of 20 to 59 year-olds with one in 20 cases resulting in hospitalizations. 

There was also a rise in the number of laboratory confirmed cases within the last week. The average for the past 14 days was 216 cases, while this week's average was 220. Among the number of existing patients with confirmed laboratory cases there was an average of 141 hospitalized cases this week.

As of Nov. 8 there have been 410 deaths due to COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County, mainly adults above the age of 60. Half of the deaths took place at long-term care facilities among patients with active outbreaks. There have only been four deaths so far in adults aged 20 to 39. 

While Mecklenburg County’s positivity rates are rising, so are other counties’ across the country. The New York Times reported on Nov. 9 that there have been one million new cases reported in the past ten days, and increased positivity rates are being reported in 47 states.


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