electronic scooters

On Monday, March 9, UNC Charlotte held a launch party in front of the Popp Martin Student Union to celebrate the new Gotcha E-scooters that will be available on campus. 

The party offered free test rides and free gear as well as safety tutorials.

The E-Scooters offer a new, fast and easy mode of transportation to help navigate campus for leisure or to get to class at a speed of 15 MPH. 

The E-scooters cost $1.50 to unlock and $0.15 each minute of use. 

To use the Gotcha E-Scooters one must download the Gotcha Mobility App and sign in or create a new account. Then, using the app, locate the nearest scooter station and scan the handlebar of the scooter of your choice. 

You can scoot any time on campus between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily if there is not adverse weather, but must return your scooter to one of the six designated stations and end your ride on the app. Failure to return scooters will result in a fine.

Parking and Transportations Services (PATS) employee and Parking Enforcement Officer Edward W. Cloward told the Niner Times, “I am concerned with stray scooters being left in high priority areas regulated by our parking ordinance.” 

There are some rules and suggestions provided by UNC Charlotte and PATS. The first recommendation is to wear a helmet at all times, as well as to be sure to use the headlight on the front of the scooter in the evening hours. 

Riders must walk the scooters through restricted areas, and can go no faster than six MPH through said areas which are designated on the app. 

This could be dangerous as the scooters could be left in parking areas taking up space or vulnerable to being hit.  

“Enjoy the scooters. They are fun. But please do so responsibly," said Cloward.

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