Day after 4/30 shooting

The Niner Nation Remembrance Commission has proposed a $1 million permanent memorial to be placed in Belk Plaza to honor the two students killed and four students injured in the April 30, 2019 shooting on UNC Charlotte's campus. They also recommended an annual day of remembrance, several on-campus exhibits and a repurposing of Kennedy 236 where the tragedy occurred. 

The Commission was created by Chancellor Dubois and composed of volunteers, including family members of the victims, Virginia Tech 2007 shooting survivors and UNC Charlotte students and alumni.

The Commission’s final report was based on information collected from campus listening sessions, advice from families of the victims and an online survey with over 4,500 responses. The report said that the feedback was “remarkably consistent.” 

“It is the Commission’s great hope that the proposed recommendations bring comfort to the families of Reed and Riley, advance recovery and healing for those who experienced trauma on April 30 and reaffirm the enduring spirit of Niner Nation,” wrote Commission Chair Emily Zimmern in the final report.

The proposed memorial will be located in front of Kennedy in the Belk Plaza and will includes the names of the two students who lost their lives in the tragedy, Riley Howell and Reed Parlier. It would cost $1 million in addition to the $1 million needed to finish the plaza. The design would be announced April 30, 2021 and the memorial would be unveiled April 30, 2022. 

The Remembrance Subcommittee also recommended a temporary exhibit in Atkins Library, a day of remembrance on April 30 for the next three years and scholarships in Howell’s and Parlier’s names. 

They also advised that Kennedy 236 and its adjacent classroom should not be used, but rather converted into a space for reflection and meditation by April 30, 2020.

Chancellor Dubois said in an email to the UNC Charlotte community that he will review the Commission’s recommendations and finalize his decisions by the end of January. 

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