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Seon Neil Clarke has been arrested twice now by the Mecklenburg County Police Department, each time for three counts of secret peeping. 45-year-old Clarke has been sexually harassing women living in off-campus apartment complexes including 49 North, University Village and the Edge for over two months now. According to a UNC Charlotte student interviewed by WSOC-TV and posts from the Throwaway-UNCCSafety Reddit account, Clarke “airdrops nude photos, exposes himself, and peeps through the window with a flashlight.” According to WSOC-TV, 14 women have come forward since March with reports of a peeping Tom. 

Clarke was arrested on Sept. 28 on three misdemeanor charges of secret peeping, though he was quickly released and spotted shortly after at the Edge apartment complex. 

He was arrested again on Oct. 20 for another three counts of secret peeping, but was released again and is not an active inmate. 

Women living in UNC Charlotte off-campus housing are advised to exercise caution, especially when by themselves or at night. Safety experts Sarah Brown from SafeWise.com and Elli Bishop from SheKnows.com recommend: 

  • Have an emergency exit plan

    • If worse comes to worst, it is always good to have an emergency exit plan in the back of your mind to make these scary situations easier or you. 

  • Always lock the door 

    • Even though this might seem unnecessary (especially if you are just running into your apartment to grab the phone that you left on your bed), it only takes a second for someone to get into your home. 

  • Close the curtains 

    • Especially in situations like the off-campus peeping tom, it is good to keep your curtains closed. Although it might be dark out or dark in your room, one street lamp (or one flashlight) will be all that is needed to see into the rooms of your apartment. 

  • Report any strange occurrence

    • If you happen to hear an odd noise late at night, “don't be afraid to call the cops (or their non-emergency line) so they can come to check things out. "Living by yourself means you have to be more aware of your surroundings and trust your gut” said safety expert Elli Bishop. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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