Students waiting for the SGA election results in 2015

It’s election season for all levels of government, including the Student Government Association (SGA). UNC Charlotte recently held its senator and freshman class president elections with referenda for this school year.

There are fourteen underclassman at-large senators, including Dick Beekman, Joy Yochem, Kennedy Jeffers, Nina Cherry, Davis Walker, Devin Joseph, Ruthie Freedman, Tife Olusesi, Christian Rios, Dhruv Sadhu, Owen Sizemore, Jakob Nusinov, Amber Brumfield and Garrison Clapp. There are also seven upperclassman at-large senators, including Jonathan Mitchell, Jenna Basel, Jacob Baum, Katie Walsh, Clayton "Clay" Britt, Ross Landgraf and Kristina Honcharova. Anayah Hair was elected as the freshman class president for the class of 2024, and the Constitutional Veto Act and Budget Proposal Process were both approved.

Jacob Baum, a senior upperclassman at-large senator, told the Niner Times that the Student Senate does more than a lot of the student body realizes. “They control a large amount of issues that affect each and every student,” says Baum. Some of the concerns that the Student Senate will be addressing this upcoming session include the effects that COVID-19 has had on the University, the Elections Act and other student-related issues that arise. 

“In this role,” Baum stated, “I want to continue to be a voice for those who feel voiceless and address concerns students want addressed on campus. [The Student Senate has] done great work in the past few years including…making meal plans more affordable, working directly with our new chancellor and welcoming her to campus and addressing a wide array of issues which impact student life.” 

Nina Cherry, an underclassman at large senator, is excited to get started in her new role. In her first student government position, Cherry hopes to “make sure the students here at UNC Charlotte feel like their voice is being heard...” and “represent the student body as best as I can.”


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