UNC Charlotte's SGA's Fall elections closed on Sept. 6 at 11:59 p.m.

The candidate list for fall 2021 was posted on the UNC Charlotte SGA Instagram page. This list includes:

Freshman Class President: George Stern, Grace Cooper, Hope Clements, Madison "Madi" Buckner, Nevyn Brown, Sasha Sembur

Upperclassman Senator: Alyssa Brown, Amber Drumfield, Christian Rios, Clay Freeze, Clayton "Clay" Britt, Daniel Acree, Davis Walker, Donjrey Cuthbertson, Farah Nimeri, Heber Gamez, Isaiah Grayson, Jeremy Yagoda, Judith B VanBoven, Kalob Jackson, Kenan Moore, Kristian Colato, Kristina Honcharova, Macy DalCerro, Tife Olusesi, Tres Morley

Underclassman Senator Candidates: Abigail Kingston, Arshia Haq, David Vick, Deborah "Dede" Effon, Evan Hamby Garrison "Lee" Clapp, Jason Skara, John Mike Bucala, Joseph "Joe" Morris, Joseph "Joe" Wholey, Joy Yochem, Kennedy Rodriguez, Matt Holmes, Rachael Cheeseman, Sharifa Fatao, William Wiand

College Senator Candidates: Asia Call, Henry "Hank" Allen, Isabelle Snortheim, Jacob Koscinski, Jonah Monk, Joshua Harke, Melvin Priyemskiy, Nimera Ali, Ronni Lilly, Shlok Singh, Tyson "Ty" Jefferson, Yadhira Marcos Avila 

According to SGA Attorney General Abigail Warren, this year's turnout was amazing. There were 61 total applications. "It is absolutely insane to me the amount of outcome that we had for this election," she said.

She wants more first-year students to get involved in SGA elections. Through student government, first-year students "finally get a chance to voice their thoughts and advocate for their fellow students," she said.

The position for underclassmen at-large senator means that the senators will be representing both the freshman and sophomore class at UNC Charlotte. David Vick and Joy Yochem are two of the 16 candidates who will be running for the position.

Vick is a sophomore at UNC Charlotte majoring in Criminal Justice. This is his first time running for an underclassman at-large senator position. His campaign focuses on improving the experience of students at the university.

"I really care about the college experience, no matter who they are or where they are, I want to make things so they can have a great college experience," he said. Part of his plan to improve the college experience is to allow students to leave their dorms and interact.

Vick has previous leadership experience that he believes makes him a great candidate for the position of underclassman at-large senator. He was a UNC Charlotte passport leader, an eagle scout, an SGA Liaison for Arnold Air Society, and a general military course aid for Air Force ROTC. 

Yochem is a sophomore at the university and is an incumbent senator running for underclassmen at-large senator. Yechem's campaign focuses on transparency in the student government, academics, and quality of life on campus.

"I think that my biggest thing is to increase transparency for students," Yochem said. "I feel like there's a lot of mystique or opaqueness accompanying student government, so I want everyone to know the work that we do." One action she took to increase the transparency surrounding student government was helping set up a legislative directory and clerk position.

The freshman class president position was also available for students to apply. Sasha Sembur is one of the six candidates. She is new to the Charlotte area and wants to get involved on campus. "I believe that every student does deserve a voice in this administration on whether it's them giving me an opinion on something or having somebody join my team directly," she said. "I think it's important just to have the overall idea of getting everybody involved."

Sembur believes she is the best candidate because her campaign focuses on every freshman's issues like academics, student health and promoting vaccinations for students. She also has previous experience assisting with campaigns and serving as class representative at her high school. She helped with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's campaign for president in the recent presidential elections. That experience helped inspire her to take on this role.

On Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the College of Health and Human Services plaza, SGA will be hosting a meet and greet where students can meet the candidates from upperclassmen senators at-large, underclassmen senators at-large and freshman class president. Candidates also plan to have their campaign activities planned. Social media is a very popular way for candidates to campaign.

Yochem has several activities planned to promote her platform. She will have a tabling event on campus and host Q&As on her social media which is joy.2.the.world on Instagram.

Vick is planning to use social media and student outreach. He will give short presentations and speak to organizations and classes he is in.

Sembur plans to post on social media every day regarding different topics of her campaign. She will also be doing pop-ups at and around the Popp Martin Student Union because of how diverse the population is there and how many different opinions she will be exposed to.

There will be a Freshman class president debate in the Student Union Theater from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 15. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about each candidate's platform. The debate will be live streamed on the SGA's Instagram page @uncc_sga.

Voting will begin on Sept. 21 and 22. The campaign period will run from Sept. 7 to Sept. 22, the last voting day.

Not all candidates were able to be interviewed. For more information about the candidates, please attend the events above and visit https://sga.uncc.edu/elections.

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