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Voting for UNC Charlotte's Student Government Associations (SGA) spring 2022 elections will begin March 15, 2022, at 8 a.m. and conclude on March 16 at 5 p.m. Students can vote on or at in-person voting booths in the Student Union. The elections will be announced on March 17 by SGA at the Student Union Rotunda at 4 p.m. and on Instagram Live. 

"The next administration will truly have a unique opportunity to lead as we transition to a period where [COVID-19] is a part of daily life," said Dick Beekman, student body president. 

The open positions include student body president and vice president, senior class president, junior class president, sophomore class president, 32 college-based senators, and seven at-large senators. The freshman class president election is a different process that takes place in the fall 2022 semester.

Class president candidates include Grace Cooper (second-year), Vishy Adusumilli (third-year), Brenden Keegan (fourth-year), Judith "Juju" VanBoven (fourth-year), and Owen Sizemore (fourth-year). 

Senator candidates include Akhila Adimulam (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Cooper Daul (Belk College of Business), Daniel Acree (CATO College of Education), DJ Green (Underclassmen At-large), Hank Allen (Belk College of Business), Isaiah Grayson (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Jack Pamukci (College of Computing and Informatics), Mariam Jaliawala (College of Health and Human Services), Miguel Monguilod (Lee College of Engineering), Primo Costa (Belk College of Business), Ronni Lilly (Belk College of Business), Tasha Asyiqin (Lee College of Engineering), Tiffany Trotter (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Ty Jefferson (College of Health and Human Services), Yadhira Avila (College of Computing and Informatics). 

Student body president and vice president nominees include Jeremiah Williams (student body president) and Abigail Warren (vice president), and Tatiyana Larson (student body president) and Tife Olusesi (vice president).

"I have never experienced anything as stressful as running for student body president, including my time in the Marine Corps. I know firsthand how difficult and emotionally taxing this process can be," stated Beekman about the campaigning process. 

The election process began in February 2022, with the nomination applications open on Feb. 1 and due on Feb. 14 via Niner Engage. Nominations allow candidates to compete for vacant spots that are open for re-election.

"This is a non-competitive process that simply asks potential candidates to fill out some basic information so we can verify they're eligible for the office they are seeking," said Beekman. 

Candidates were announced and met on Feb. 15 for the mandatory candidates meeting. 

"At the candidates meeting, candidates are told the basic do's and don'ts of campaigning," said Beekman.

This was followed by campaigning, which will conclude at 5 p.m. on March 16.

"Throughout the campaign season, SGA aims to provide various opportunities for the student body to meet candidates. Typically, this involves senator meet and greets as well as debates for the presidential candidates," describes Beekman. 

Feb. 21 was the Senate Meet and Greet, held in front of the Student Union. On Feb. 23, in McKnight Hall and on Instagram Live was the class president debate. The student body president and vice president debate was held March 2. 

March 8 began the test vote process, which is not an actual vote but is made to ensure that all information presented on the ballot is accurate. 

Voting will require a student ID card or NinerNet access.

"Outgoing seniors can vote, and I would encourage them to do so as part of the legacy they are leaving at Charlotte," said Beekman. 

March 7 will begin the official transition and swearing-in ceremony of the next administration.

"The transition is a whirlwind. They'll immediately have to begin assembling their cabinet and assigning various students to represent them on a variety of different University committees," added Beekman.

The next administration will work closely with Beekman and Gabi Hitchcock, vice president, to transition smoothly.

"I am confident that regardless of who wins, the next student body president will be able to step in and thrive right away," concluded Beekman.

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