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On Oct. 29, UNC Charlotte’s Student Government Association (SGA) passed the Academic Complaint Form Act. The act is written in response to student allegations of professors not practicing social distancing or safety in classes, as well as not respecting the University’s instructions to cancel classes on Sept. 28 and 29 for move-in purposes. 

Several UNC Charlotte undergraduate students spoke with the Niner Times about some of the issues they have allegedly encountered with their professors during COVID-19.  

A third year finance major claimed issues with his professor’s patience during virtual learning.

“He is very rude and insulting, once even calling us stupid for our questions, as well as rushes us because he is frustrated with online teaching,” they said. 

A second year political science major claimed that even though they were in asynchronous classes during the move-in days, and did not have class to attend they still had assignments to do during those days.

“I was trying to move into my apartment, but was receiving emails of expectation to complete assignments that night. It was very frustrating and stressful,” said the student. 

A third year computer science major expressed concern with how their in-person class is operating.

“The distancing is not strictly enforced and the professor still requires us to work in groups and it is very hard to communicate with masks and distancing, but also scary when some get too close,” said the student. 

This act will create a confidential online form for students to report incidents like these. The information will be collected and filtered by SGA, who will report the most severe allegations to the appropriate departments to be addressed. Those who make a confidential report will also be given tutoring options as well as tips on how to properly contact and address professors with complaints for the future. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affecting classroom practices, I began to search for some sort of recourse to address this,” said Jeremiah C. Williams, the primary sponsor for this legislation.

Williams hopes this legislation, “will be used to empower students to take their education into their own hands while also understanding that they have fierce advocates within the Student Government Association who will fight for them at every turn.”

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