UNC Charlotte is testing all residents of Levine, Laurel and Lynch Hall this afternoon, they announced in a NinerNotice on Oct. 16. 

As a result of an uptick in on-campus COVID-19 cases, the University is proactively testing all residents of three residence halls to help mitigate spread of the disease,” the announcement said. There have been no identified on-campus clusters, but there have been several confirmed cases.

One of these dormitories is Levine Hall, where at least one resident has tested positive for COVID-19. The student received his positive test on Wednesday, and several other residents have since been moved out of the dorm to isolate. Sophomore and Levine resident Cooper Manley told the Niner Times that nine students were relocated to Greek Village for isolation and the resident who tested positive was moved to Maple Hall, although the University did not confirm this by press time. 

According to the University’s dashboard, 59 on-campus residents are currently isolated or quarantined. Maple Hall, the designated dorm for such students, has space for 64 individuals. 

Residents will be tested this afternoon by staff from the Student Health Center and Housing and Residence Life. As was done with Holshouser Hall, all are required to remain in their respective buildings until they receive a negative test, and meals will be provided. 

The news comes after a rise in cases. From Oct. 12-14, 47 students and three employees tested positive for COVID-19. 

Update Oct. 17: On Saturday, the University announced via NinerNotice that the testing revealed two clusters in two residence halls, one with eight students and one with six. They noted that there might also be a third cluster involving both on and off-campus residents. A "cluster" refers to a group of at least five cases that are plausibly linked to one another. 

The University conducted 658 tests between the three residence halls. It is unclear what the positivity rate was, and the dashboard will not update until Monday at 5 p.m. 

Update Oct. 19: According to University spokeswoman Buffie Stephens, the positivity rate of the 658 tests conducted between the three residence halls was below 1%, yielding 6 new positive tests. When added to tests administered previously that week, the University identified a cluster of 8 cases and another of 6 cases. 



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