49erNext is a co-admission transfer partnership program between UNC Charlotte and Central Piedmont Community College. The program launched with 111 students enrolled in the inaugural class this fall of 2019. 

Through 49erNext, students at Central Piedmont have the unique opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree at UNC Charlotte while taking advantage of the many UNC Charlotte services and benefits. Those who apply and are accepted into the 49erNext program are guaranteed admission at UNC Charlotte after they complete an eligible associate degree at Central Piedmont with the required GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

Once accepted into 49erNext, students have access to UNC Charlotte resources and services such as a 49er ID Card. With a 49er ID Card, Central Piedmont students in 49erNext will have access to campus activities and programs, athletic events and the J. Murrey Atkins Library. University recreational facilities and aCATS all-access transit pass can be purchased separately for $25 per semester for each. The 49er account can also be used at over 100 locations including all campus dining locations and all campus retail locations. 

However, students must be pursuing an associate in arts or science at Central Piedmont in order to be eligible and cannot pursue a major in engineering, engineering technology, fine arts, architecture or nursing at UNC Charlotte.

Central Piedmont also offers other transfer programs such as UNC Charlotte Passport, which is an invitation-only program for first time college students to complete their first year of college coursework at CPCC. But students cannot enroll in both the UNC Charlotte Passport and 49erNext program. What makes the program stand out from other transfer programs is the emphasis on advising for academics, career and finance workshops. Compared to other transfer programs, 49erNext emphasizes consistent and proactive advising. 

Lindsey Brown, a 49erNext Advisor at Central Piedmont, said “The Passport Program, although successful in supporting students that transfer to UNC Charlotte, only serves a portion of the 1000+ students that transfer from Central Piedmont to UNC Charlotte, annually. The passport program is also specially designed for students to only take one year of coursework prior to transferring, which may not be ideal for many of our students who would benefit from completing their degree prior to transferring. Studies show that students that complete their Associate Degree prior to transferring are also more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree at a four year institution. With all this in mind, Central Piedmont set out to create a program with UNC Charlotte to promote and support both associates and bachelor’s degree completion.” 

About 63% of Central Piedmont transfers in fall 2018, or 890 students, went to UNC Charlotte. UNC Charlotte is often at different transfer events at CPPC such as “Transfer Tuesday” and the “UNC Charlotte Day at Central Piedmont” to discuss the admissions process, academic advising and student life. 

Scholarships are also available for 49erNext students due to the $1 million committed to Central Piedmont Community College by Peggy and Bob Culbertson of Charlotte. The Peggy and Bob Culbertson 49erNext Scholarship Program will provide two-year full-tuition scholarship for full-time students with financial need in the 49erNext Program. 

UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phillip L. Dubois said, “This partnership with Central Piedmont will ensure UNC Charlotte, which admits the highest number of transfer students in the UNC System, is meeting student's academic, financial and career planning needs while making the transfer experience as seamless as possible. 49erNext is designed to produce a greater number of workforce-ready, qualified graduates at a significant cost savings to them. Nearly 60 percent of the inaugural class of 49erNext participants represent underrepresented populations, which is significant given that higher education is an essential path that can lead to greater economic mobility.”

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