Hogg brothers

Brothers David and Jake Hogg have teamed up to create a new scholarship for rising college students.

David Hogg is a junior at UNC Charlotte majoring in computer science. His younger brother, Jake, is a high school sophomore in the Charlotte Engineering Early College program.

As active volunteers in the Charlotte community, the Hogg brothers are paying it forward by awarding scholarships for spreading kindness. The brothers hope to promote volunteerism and encourage teens to make a difference in the community.

“Jake and I do a lot of volunteering for our community. We also know how hard it is to get a scholarship,” David told the Niner Times. “We wanted to combine the two so more people could receive an act of kindness.”

The Hogg brothers turned to social media to crowdfund the Be Kind Scholarship. With an initial goal of $1,500, they have reached a total of $1,870 with their GoFundMe campaign. 

Anyone under the age of 20 is eligible for the scholarship. Regardless of your demographic, you can apply by completing an act of kindness. 

“This scholarship is easy,” said David. “It doesn't care about your grades, your background, your income, where you live, etc. Everyone should do it!”

Three scholarships will be given out in the amount of $500. To apply, applicants must perform an act of kindness and submit a 250 word essay with a photo. The Hogg brothers will choose ten finalists based on their essays and consult social media to choose the final three winners. 

David says their biggest challenge has been getting the word out to high school students.

“Every applicant is already a winner by doing an act of kindness,”says David. “You get to do something nice for someone who may be in need while also having a chance to win a $500 scholarship.”

From mowing lawns to making masks, the Hoggs encourage students to be creative with their acts of kindness.

The winners will be chosen on Nov. 20 and announced on their GoFundMe page. 


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