Levine Hall

In a letter sent to students on April 7 from Chancellor Dubois, plans to make South Village residence halls a temporary field hospital have been scrapped because, as the letter states, “projections for overflow hospital patients are significantly lower than original estimates…”

This means that previous plans to allow residents to gather their belongings in preparation for the field hospitals will not occur and students will be asked to continue to adhere to the Stay at Home order. While students from Hunt, Laurel and Levine halls were able to return to retrieve their belongings, residents of Scott and Holshouser halls will have to continue to wait until the order has been lifted. As of now, the statewide order will remain in effect until April 29 and until the order from the state and county are lifted, residents will have to wait to gather their remaining belongings. 

This new update comes as a surprise to many as it seemed likely that UNC Charlotte would play a vital role in assisting the county with a surplus in beds; however, according to WCNC, new data from Atrium and Novant Health showed that only 600 beds will be needed to handle the peak of the virus. The new information also indicates that Mecklenburg County may see its peak as late as early May whereas previous data indicated mid-April. Additionally, a field hospital would be needed closer to Uptown Charlotte where people could be easily transported to nearby temporary health facilities if the virus continues on the new projections. As the situation remains uncertain, the University states that it is still prepared to do its part in helping the community deal with the COVID-19 virus. 

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