UREC Oct. 2019

In October 2014, the idea of a new recreation center was presented to the Board of Trustees at the Chancellor’s retreat. After numerous meetings, contracts and blueprints, construction began in July 2017. The projected completion date for this new center is spring 2020. 

Originally, this facility was called the Health And Wellness Center (HAWC) but between August and September of 2017, students were able to vote on what the new name should be. Among the options were University Recreation Center (UREC), Center of Recreational Engagement (CORE), and Niner Fitness Center (NFC). 

Based on the results of student voting, in October 2017, the name was updated from HAWC to the University Recreation Center, or UREC. 

“The new facility will be a great opportunity for more students to participate in fitness,” sophomore and avid fitness guru Rachel Goldman said. “Because of the hype this facility has gotten, it is a huge encouragement for fitness and will provide more opportunities for students to take classes more conveniently with their schedules.”

The original projection date for the end of this construction was fall 2019. However, now the projected date is spring 2020. Construction is 60% completed, but there is still much to complete including administrative items such as training staff in new operations and moving many administrative offices into the new facility. 

UREC is a 148,000 square foot space intended for fitness and student recreation. Some of UREC’s features include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, 4 multi-purpose courts, 5 multi-purpose studios, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts as well as outdoor space for yoga. 

There will also be over 80 group fitness classes offered each week and there is cardio and strength training equipment spread over four levels. 

“I am super excited for the group fitness classes as I have already enjoyed so many of the classes this semester,” Goldman said. “I definitely will be attending the new facility often as the location is especially convenient to my home in Lynch Hall.”

To some students, it may feel like construction of UREC has been going on for a long time, making it hard to discern the progress. On the UREC web page though, a time lapse video is included, showing the tremendous progress which has been made thus far. 

Also for those who are visual people, the UREC web page contains a video that simulates what the facility has been designed to look like. This video is very detailed and gives a very accurate portrayal. 

Yet another proponent of UREC is that it offers multiple employment opportunities for students. From being a group fitness instructor to a lifeguard to a field monitor, there are many opportunities. 

“Part of the reason I got into group fitness here at UNC Charlotte was with the hopes to potentially be an instructor for one of the classes,” Goldman said. “I would like to pursue either being an instructor or working there in some other capacity.”

As spring approaches, students excitedly await the grand opening of UREC. This $66 million project is being funded by university debt and student fees. It is filled with opportunities of fitness, a healthy lifestyle and employment opportunities.

Tremendous time and effort have been put into this project and the result will be nothing short of remarkable. For more information on the status of the construction and to learn more about UREC, visit urec.uncc.edu

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