In March 2020, Covid-19 began to impact UNC Charlotte, the University moved many classes online and on-campus events and courses were postponed. As a result, the following academic year consisted of mostly virtual classes and in-person classes where possible and necessary.

The fall 2021 semester will be in-person, but there are still guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Below are the Covid-19 guidelines and procedures that students should know for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

In-person versus Virtual:

According to the Niner Nation Cares website, classes will return to a mostly in-person format during fall 2021, and classrooms will be at full capacity. 


On July 29, after the rise of the Covid-19 delta variant cases and the CDC recommended masks to be worn indoors, a NinerNotice was sent announcing a change in face-covering requirements. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, face coverings will be required on campus in all indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. The only exceptions to this protocol are when students are in their residence hall rooms or when employees are in their personal offices. 


The NinerNotice sent on July 29 encourages students to get vaccinated. “Vaccination is the most effective way to protect yourself and others against Covid-19.” The NinerNotice also directs students to the Niner Nation Cares website to find a vaccination site and asks vaccinated people to complete the Covid-19 Vaccine Reporting Form on the Niner Nation Cares website. 

On-Campus Organizations and Events:

Campus events and student organizations will be able to resume on-campus meetings. These events will begin with University Convocation on Aug. 19, New Student Convocation on Aug. 22 and the Student Orgs Showcase on Aug. 22. These events were all virtual last year, but they will be held in person, according to the campus events website.


The University will require all unvaccinated face-to-face students, face-to-face faculty and in-person staff to be tested. Providing proof of vaccination is the only way to be exempt from this requirement. 

Testing for residential students:

Re-entry to campus testing will be required of all unvaccinated residential students. The test must be completed within 72 hours (three days) before the student’s move-in date, and the documentation of the negative result must be submitted before students arrive for move-in appointments. If you have had a positive test result between May 20, 2021 and Aug. 4, 2021, you will be exempt from testing, but you must submit documentation of the result. According to the Niner Nation Cares website, “if you are unable to provide a negative test result or proof of vaccination, you will not be allowed to move into your residence hall.”

Housing and Residence Life (HRL) will provide more information via email. 

Testing for non-residential face-to-face students and all in-person employees/faculty:

You must receive and submit a negative test result between Aug. 19 and Aug. 21. If you have had a positive test result between May 20, 2021 and Aug. 4, 2021, you will be exempt from testing, but you must submit documentation of the result. 

If you are subject to re-entry testing, you will receive more information by Wednesday, Aug. 11.

The University will continue with its wastewater testing program, and the results will be used to conduct targeted weekly testing of unvaccinated students and employees in residence halls.

Niner Health Checks:

Niner Health Checks will continue to be sent out to monitor Covid-19 cases at UNC Charlotte. However, they ask if you are fully vaccinated to complete the Covid-19 Vaccine Reporting Form, which will exempt you from Niner Health Checks. 

For more information regarding COVID-19, visit both the Niner Nation Cares website or the Emergency Management’s Covid-19 Dashboard. The Niner Nation Cares site contains information about cleaning and disinfecting, rapid testing locations and “Covid-19 Fact vs. Fiction.” The Covid-19 Dashboard is updated daily with data, including reported cases and on-campus testing. The Covid-19 Dashboard’s accuracy relies on participation by community members through Niner Health Checks. The Niner Times will continue to publish updates regarding Covid-19 as necessary.

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