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Nail-biting and anxiety ridden. The 2020 election has been a historic election from President Trump’s delusional tweets to having our first woman Vice President. After four days of ballot counting, the Associated Press announced early Saturday morning that the projected president-elect was Former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Prior to democrats winning the presidential seat back, Trump falsely and prematurely announced he won the election Wednesday morning while key swing states were still counting legal ballots. Trump has yet to concede and has gone as far as to claim voter fraud with zero evidence to back such claims. During his speech from the White House Thursday, networks began to cut away from Trump’s speech as he began to falsely claim the election had been stolen. NBC’s Lester Holt interrupted Trump’s speech cutting away from the white house to say, “We have to interrupt here, because the president has made a number of false statements, including the notion that there has been fraudulent voting. There’s been no evidence of that.” Trump continued to express his unhinged rants via Twitter tweeting “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” Twitter flagged his tweets for false claims and since have updated the flagged tweets with a disclaimer saying “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Meanwhile, following the announcement on Saturday evening President-elect Joe Biden called upon Americans to unite during these unprecedented times and use this to heal the damage Trump dictated the last four years. In his patriotic and optimistic victory speech, President-elect Biden seeks "to rebuild the soul of America, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, the middle class and to make America respected around the world again." The President-elect had taken the stage after being introduced by his running mate Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be the first woman vice president and the first African American and South Asian American Vice President. Harris has already inspired millions of women and girls across the nation, as she delivered her speech Saturday evening honoring the women that paved the way, sharing the hope young girls will look up to her, and knowing it is possible for them too. The Biden-Harris win will define the next chapter for America as many of us are hopeful that Trump’s defeat is only the beginning for the change that is ahead. As we enter the Biden-Harris era many of us are elated to be able to keep our rights and healthcare which Trump threatened to take away.

In our own state we watched democracy first-hand after North Carolinians voted to re-elect Democrat Roy Cooper as state Governor. Cooper has been a sympathetic Governor as many have praised his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his prioritization of safety during his campaign trail opting to hold virtual gatherings, while his opponent Dan Forest continued to hold large gatherings amid the pandemic. Forest aimed to appeal to business owners and parents of public school students who were unsatisfied with Cooper's slow rate of reopening the state and schools. Cooper’s win was a huge success for democrats in the state as many had disapproved of Cooper’s handling of COVID-19 which had forced small businesses across the state to close their doors for good due to loss of income. Despite the loss of small businesses, the Cooper win allows us to look forward to expansion in healthcare benefits and education budget expansion. 

Cooper is not the only democrat in the state to be re-elected, as Alma Adams held her seat for the N.C. 12th congressional district. Adams is joined by four other democrats G.K. Butterfield, Deborah Ross, David Price, and Kathy Manning who won the seat for their congressional districts. Republicans still hold the majority in our state as eight seats were won by Greg Murphy, Virginia Foxx, David Rouzer, Richard Hudson, Dan Bishop, Madison Cawthorn, Patrick McHenry, and Ted Budd. 

As of Sunday morning the race for North Carolina senator has yet to be called. Republican Senator Thom Tillis is up against Democrat Cal Cunningham. Cunningham had a strong chance of winning before having a sex scandal which led to leaked text messages between the candidate and a California strategist. While the race is still too soon to call both Tillis and Cunningham have to be on edge as the race could easily lead to either win. Although Cunningham is still in the center of a sex scandal, he’s currently polling just 1.7% below Tillis  giving him, a small but, a strong shot at taking the seat from Tillis. Cunningham winning could lead us to having control of the Senate, and possibly lead us into a more tolerant and progressive era that many North Carolinians desire. 

After record voter-turnout, the election showed that North Carolinians and Americans are more divided than ever before as urban areas and rural areas have held contradictory views politically and socially. As we move forward regardless of party affiliation we must unite together and hold those in office accountable and find common ground to ensure the future of our state and our nation. 

This election has put more pressure on American voters than any other election has before. Americans voted in order to see the nation progress towards their ideal America, yet this election was more than just picking a leader of the free world. Trump’s defeat will lead us into a better America. Giving America’s reins to Biden-Harris will ensure hope that reproductive rights will stay intact, LGBTQIA+ rights will no longer be threatened by Trump’s administration and the 1% will begin to pay appropriate taxes. While the Biden-Harris win has come as a disappointment to republicans, republicans won’t have to undergo the same threats and injustices minorities, immigrants, women, and people of color faced during the grueling Trump Presidency.

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