For Americans, there is an ethical dilemma of whether to fund the operations of a hugely successful yet conspicuously run corporation. This could have been as simple as swiping a credit card at the Apple store for a new iPhone upgrade.

Most citizens are unaware that their purchases help fuel the unethical practices of large corporations like Nike, Walmart and Apple. Many are aware of this but choose to purchase these items anyway. It is unfair to say that these individuals are unethical in doing so. 

Unfortunately, society is structured so that consolidated corporations that dominate the economy's landscape are custodians of the resources ordinary citizens need. Even if one did not wish to purchase from corporations, there is bound to be at least one or two essential items manufactured and produced by an unethically run operation.

corporation purchase ethics

Collage of various corporate brands

For example, cell phone purchases have a grasp on everyday communication. Cell phones have become a necessity in today's society. Because of this, many do not look into how they are made. Workers experience intensive labor, little pay and rough conditions.

It is difficult to fully expose the abhorrent conditions workers in sweatshops and manufacturing plants suffer. However, it is not completely hopeless, as the ordinary person can and should advocate for justice and workers' rights when possible.

As progressivism washes over the United States and standards evolve, there is more opportunity than ever to buy from ethically conscious wholesalers and manufacturers with values over profits.

About 56% of consumers in the U.S. stop purchasing from brands they deem unethical. This statistic shows a bright future for the necessary vetting of corporations that commonly get away with unethical practices. 

The progress and uncovering of corporations' exploitative practices show hope for workers' social equality and rights. 

This signifies future options for people to spend money with peace of mind. After all, peace of mind does not have a price.