You may have seen a new face around UNC Charlotte's campus. Maybe you have scrolled through his fan page on Instagram, seen his shenanigans posted on Reddit, or even, if you're lucky, have met him when on your way to pick up a package. Known simply as the Prospector Goose, this waterfowl closely observes Charlotte's student body. He sits atop the Prospector building, meanders through the outdoor picnic tables and rests delicately in the sun on warm days. As a result, he has become highly celebrated on campus and in the surrounding area as students are always at the ready to catch a peek or even a photo of the legend.

Prospector Goose, however, does have a dark side. Some students have reported being hissed at or chased by the bird. One incident involved campus police, but the circumstances as to why are unclear. The uncertainty of his actions has put some on edge, prompting a group of vigilantes to keep watch of the greater Prospector area. Although these masked figures were not caught for an interview, their mission has been made clear in online posts: to "Defend Prospector from the Accursed Geese."

So, is this bird friend? Or foe? Despite the cynicism surrounding his behavior, Prospector Goose's popularity has only grown among students. A student, who chooses to remain anonymous at this time, has dedicated hours to running a fan page for the celebrity. "He's just magical. Truly he has a type of stage presence I have never seen before, and it is honestly inspiring," they said. When asked why they work so hard to showcase the goose, their response was: "As stressed-out students, a month away from finals and graduation, he reminds us it's okay to relax in the sun and to keep negative people out of our lives."

The Whiner Times was fortunate enough to meet with this mysterious and beloved bird to learn what he is all about. Prospector Goose, first, took us on a walk around his building, stopping to show his interviewers all his favorite spots. Next, he nestled himself into some delightful-looking grass, responding with a positive-sounding honk when asked to reflect on his growing popularity. The goose refused to comment on his involvement with campus police, remaining silent for the rest of the interview.

After extensive research and interviews, the exact reasons as to why this goose decided to settle at UNC Charlotte's Prospector building remains a mystery. His intentions on campus and with other students are still unknown. However, one thing is certain; he has made an impact. "He gives us hope. He makes us laugh. He reminds us of all the good there is in life," the fan page owner said. For now, Prospector Goose remains an integral part of campus life, and his wisdom can be shared through his joyous honks and relaxed outlook on life.

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