If you love lack of sleep, almost passing out from not having enough time to eat in between classes and never feeling like you've completed everything on your to-do list, then taking 18 credit hours is the way to go! The average number of credit hours that college students take is 15. We always want to aim for above average, anyway. I've never had a dull moment this semester with having an 18 credit course load. Here are the main reasons why I have enjoyed it so much: 

1. Late nights

Who wants to go to bed early anyway? If you take 18 credit hours, that means a lot more assignments, which means a lot more due dates, which means late nights. Staying up late means you won't miss out on seeing your friends post on social media while they are out having fun or knowing when basketball games or new TV episodes come out. Even if you can't participate in these things because of everything you are working on, you can still know they are happening.

2. More books

We've always been told how important reading is. Reading is great for building intelligence and creativity. Chances are that with 18 credit hours, you will have many books to read, which we know is good for us. You can get all of your wonderful reading material for the semester at high prices, so you know the books are of excellent quality. Even when you finish the classes, you can still have the books to read and look back on so you don't forget all of the amazing content you learned. 

3. Never a dull moment

You will never be bored or have nothing to do if you take 18 credit hours. You will constantly be reading, working on your laptop, studying and going to class. After all, college is supposed to be busy. Nobody wants to have nothing going on or have too much free time—that wouldn't be the full college experience. The more hours you take, the less free time you have, which means fewer dull moments. 

4. Less time to worry about silly and unimportant things

Cooking nutritious meals, exercising your body and spending time with family and friends are things you don't need to worry about making time for if you take 18 credit hours. Those things take planning, preparation and a lot of time. You can scratch all of them off your long to-do list and not worry about them if you take more classes. 

So, yes, taking 18 credit hours has many perks. I have experienced all of these first-hand and have no regrets. If you would like to find out more about how many great reasons there are for taking more classes than average, I would encourage you to just do it. Sign up for more classes next semester and join in on the fun!

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