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Photo by Kam Fitzgibbons

My friends often tell me I’ve been blessed with unproblematic skin. Little do they know I spend about twenty minutes a day ensuring my skin stays clear and healthy. For years, I’ve been addicted to skincare routines. I spent months researching products that would work correctly for my skin type and better the beauty of

Have you ever wondered if you’re applying your makeup properly? Before delving into the world of YouTube makeup tutorials, I was practically clueless to the differences between foundation and concealer, eyeliner and eyeshadow, etc. After spending hours of my time and hundreds of my dollars on makeup, I became much more versed on the process

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Taking care of our skin is very important. Whether it is using sunscreen every day to protect us from the sun or making sure we wash our faces the right way to prevent skin problems. I am here to give you answers to questions that I get asked all the time. Also, the advice is

Beauty trends are always in a constant flux. They come and go; some manage to stay longer than others, or make a comeback when a new generation popularizes it once more, but some trends can be incredibly interesting to read about. Humans have had their own definition of what beauty looks like for centuries and

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