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Movement Migration, the new dance company founded by Associate Professor of Dance at UNC Charlotte Kim Jones, held its second annual “Work-in-Progress Residency Showing” at Open Door Studios in Plaza Midwood, June 14. The company performed three pieces-in-progress for more than 70 audience members who lined the perimeter of the dance studio. Seven of the

I remember I woke up just like any other day. I was running late to my Advanced Newswriting class and I was stressed out because I had to print out a bunch of papers that were due to be handed in. I walked briskly to my workplace and was tapping my foot impatiently as inkspot

As our Niner Nation grows, so does our campus. Over the past few years, we have added or extensively refurbished a number of different buildings. One of these new buildings is the University Recreation Center, currently under construction next to the Student Union. Its name is clearly a placeholder. At this university, naming rights can