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Laurel Hall: the target destination for just about every incoming freshman. With the promise of suite-style living in a building that was opened in 2015, what’s not to love? Laurel has private bathrooms (unlike Scott), accessible room prices (unlike Levine) and proximity to SoVi (unlike Hunt); compared to the other dorms of South Village, just

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After a long wait and a build-up of anticipation, South Village Crossing is finally open. One of the primary features of South Village Crossing is the new dining hall (being nicknamed “SoVi”) that will serve to retire RDH after its many years of feeding students. SoVi opened Jan. 6 as students began to return from

With the start of the 2014 fall semester, UNC Charlotte students were promised a new dining hall to greet them on their arrival to campus. Unfortunately, and to many students’ surprise, they found that the South Village Crossing and SoVi had not yet been completed. SoVi, located inside South Village Crossing, is the new dining