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 Madison Dobrzenski

Madison (she/her/hers) is the Editor-in-Chief of the Niner Times. She is a junior double majoring in communication studies and Spanish, with minors in journalism and women’s and gender studies. She is from Fayetteville, North Carolina, so naturally she loves J. Cole and has seen his house more times than she can count. When she isn’t in the Niner Times office, she’s attending a concert, working out or playing with her guinea pig, Florence.

Office Hours: MW 9:30-12:30, T/TH 11:30-12:30, 4-6, Sun 5-9


Brandon Mitchell

Brandon is the Managing Editor of the Niner Times. His preferred pronouns are he/him/his and he is a second-year double communication studies and German double major, with a minor in journalism. His interests include writing and reading. His favorite authors are Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. He was also an orientation counselor last summer so he knows plenty of useless trivia about the University.


Max Young

Max Young is the Assistant Copy Editor of the Niner Times. He is a sophomore majoring in communication studies and minoring in journalism. Besides being a news junkie, he enjoys: writing, cool socks, listening to public radio, and watching hockey with friends. His preferred pronouns are he/him/his.


Emily Hickey

Emily is the Copy Editor of the Niner Times. She is a senior majoring in history with a minor in English. Her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. Emily is from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina and enjoys traveling, reading, researching horoscopes, and listening to music. When she isn’t copy editing the Niner Times articles, she is either making coffee at Sunflour Baking Co. or taking a nap.


Natasha Morehouse

Natasha is the Layout Editor for the Niner Times. She is a senior getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a double concentration in graphic design and digital media. After graduating, she plans on working for a design agency in Charlotte. In her free time, she enjoys reading historical fiction, obsessing over anything mid-century Modern, and attempting to befriend stray cats. Her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.

Jeffrey Kopp

Jeffrey Kopp (he/him/his) is the Community Editor of the Niner Times. He is a senior double majoring in communication and political science. His interests include writing and keeping up with an excessive amount of television shows. He is also the go-to expert on all things “The Walking Dead.”


Nikolai Mather

Nikolai Mather (he/they) is the Opinion Editor for the Niner Times. Nikolai is a junior pursuing majors in political science and international studies and minors in legal studies and Holocaust, genocide, and human rights studies. He is from Chatham County, North Carolina. They have also contributed to INDY Week and Qnotes. When they aren't publishing hot takes, they enjoy reading, listening to Kate Bush deep cuts, and managing the office meme board.


Olivia Lawless

Olivia is the Lifestyle Editor for the Niner Times. She likes to go to the gym and knows way too much about sharks for someone not in marine biology. Outside of working on her English and marketing double major, she loves creative writing, watching and drawing cartoons and utilizing her very average cooking skills. Her pronouns are she/her/hers.

Noah Howell

Noah is the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Niner Times. He is a senior computer science major with a minor in journalism. Noah is from Greensboro, North Carolina and is a fan of all things "Star Wars" and "The Muppets." He spends most of his free time playing too many video games, watching the Oklahoma City Thunder or Green Bay Packers, listening to Johnny Cash, and quoting "SpongeBob SquarePants." His preferred pronouns are he/him/his.


Elissa Miller

Elissa Miller is the Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor for Niner Times. She is a senior at UNC Charlotte with majors in communication studies and political science and a minor in legal studies. When she isn't reviewing theatre for Niner Times, she is working on bringing sex education to campus through Sex Week UNC Charlotte or competing with the UNC Charlotte Mock Trial Team. She isn’t quite sure what to do with her life post-graduation, but her current career options include investigative journalist, lawyer, or the second woman President of the United States (because if there isn't one before the time she gets there, that's just sad).





 Pooja Pasupula

Pooja (she/her/hers) is a senior double major in mathematics and mass media communication, with a double minor in theatre and journalism. While she has been published by CNN and various musicians, her most notable accomplishment is being able to rap almost any Drake verse ever by heart. Her current photojournalism focus is on breaking news and music. When not taking photos, Pooja can be found gazing at the view on a rooftop somewhere, stuffing her face with various fruits, singing songs really off-key, loudly criticizing her favorite TV show characters, reading comic books in some coffee shop, attempting to be the next Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, head-banging at a concert, eating her way through a new city, or memorizing proofs.


Kennedy Hehr

Kennedy is a junior communication studies major and journalism minor from Fontana, WI. Her plan is to graduate early and find a job in social media marketing post-college. She used to play on the Charlotte volleyball team until too many injuries ended her career. She loves sports and enjoys going to Panther’s games in her free time. She can binge watch the Chicago (Med, Fire, PD) series while also eating tons of sweet/sour candy.



Megan Bird

Megan Bird (she/her/hers) is the News Editor for the Niner Times. She is a junior political science and Spanish double major with a minor in statistics. Megan is originally from Charlottesville, VA. When she's not writing articles or studying for exams, she's typically practicing cello (or telling herself to), doing CrossFit, and, accordingly, reading the news.


Maria Solano 


María is the video editor for the Niner Times. Her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. She's a sophomore majoring in communication studies, with a minor in journalism. By being born and raised in Spain, María treats her life in the US as an adventure. She loves listening to her favorite band, The Driver Era (which she would recommend you in a heartbeat) and watching Marvel movies.


Elizabeth McGuire

Elizabeth is the Assistant Video Editor for the Niner Times and a sophomore majoring in communication studies with a public advocacy track.  As a native of Charlotte Elizabeth loves to explore the city and take pictures and video. When she is not writing for the Niner Times she is doing creative writing of her own, binge watching television, or just hanging out with friends. Her pronouns are she/her/hers.