Niners huddle pregame

The Charlotte 49ers defeated the Old Dominion Monarchs to improve to 14-11 overall and 6-7 in conference play as three games remain in the schedule.

“With the scheduling that we play Old Dominion back-to-back, it’s really important to hold home court.” said head coach, Cara Consuegra.

The 49ers boast a 12-2 record at home and look to continue their two-game win streak.

Coach Consuegra felt that Charlotte played a consistent defensive game against the Monarchs.

“I thought we executed the game plan very well. I thought we were good playing the personnel, holding them to 38 percent shooting and 26 percent from the three-point line. I’ve said all season long that I love the way we play defense and I thought we played really good defense tonight,” Consuegra said. “I think it goes without saying, I was more pleased with the offensive execution. You can see it growing in confidence.”

Jazmin Harris set the tone for the 49ers with four points at the start of the second period. Charlotte lead the Monarchs by 14 at the end of the first half.

Junior Guard Jade Phillips and Senior Laia Raventós, who are both in the top-three point scorers on the team, played 31 minutes carrying the team offensively.

Raventós scored 16 points and completed two assists.

Coach Cosegura attributes the team’s recent success to ball distribution and comfortability with the roster.

“We shared the ball well and we got the ball to the right people at the right time to make the shots that we needed.” said Consuegra.

Freshman Maddie Moore also contributed by leading the team with seven total rebounds.  

“I think the biggest takeaway is you can see our team is maturing and growing.” said Coach Consuegra.

The 49ers will meet up with the Old Dominion Monarchs again on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 4 p.m. for a road matchup.

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