Charlotte 49ers Men's Basketball

The Charlotte 49ers are on the road on Nov. 27 before a two-game home stand. 

Coming off of a tough loss at Appalachian State, the 49ers will take on Georgia State. The two programs are familiar foes but will meet for the first time since 2006. Charlotte leads the series 27-1 and will look for their 28th straight win against the Panthers. 

Charlotte has gone through a mix of ups and downs to start the year and possess a record of 2-2 thus far. To get a bounce-back win, the 49ers will need to learn from the past, as 49ers Head Coach Ron Sanchez mentioned. 

“We’re trying to learn and grow from the experiences we got from being on the road,” said Sanchez. “Our guys off the bench have to be really prepared to assist us and keeping the chains moving when their number is called.”  

The 49ers will be taking on a team that has seen elite opponents this season. Georgia State has played both Duke and Georgetown though both games resulted in losses.  

The game will take place at 2 p.m. and will be broadcasted on ESPN+. 

Players to Watch 

Jordan Shepherd, Charlotte: The Oklahoma transfer has been the continuous leader for Charlotte when it comes to scoring. The junior is averaging 15.5 points a game through four games. He dropped 19 points against Appalachian State. If he produces another solid night, the 49ers will have a good shot at bouncing back. 

Corey Allen, Georgia State: In a packed crowd of talent, junior guard Allen is leading the Panthers in scoring with 15.5 points a game. He had big games against Duke and Georgetown, reaching over 20 points in both games. He’s had a mix of up and down games and has shown he could be the X-factor in any given matchup. The 49ers’ defense will have to keep a close eye on the junior. 

Keys to a victory

Get the offense going early 

Charlotte had trouble scoring points early in their last game, with only 18 in the first half, and Georgia State’s opponents are only averaging 69 points a game. The 49ers have proved to be a force in the second half this season and a solid first half would be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Translate home success on the road 

Coach Sanchez mentioned that his team has been successful at home and they want to see that energy on the road. The 49ers are 0-2 on the road so far and are looking for their first road win. Getting points from the bench and taking care of the ball will help Charlotte get rid of their road woes.  

The game will take place at 2 p.m. and will be broadcasted on ESPN+. 

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