Jazz Warren Headshot

Jazz Warren Head Shot

Jazz Warren is on his way to accomplish his dream of working in sports. Warren, who is an alumnus of Charlotte, is currently a communications intern working with NASCAR. He is fueled by a love of sport but, most importantly, his faith.

Warren graduated from Charlotte in 2019 and has been on a unique path to his own version of stardom. Warren is the son of parents who were involved in athletics as his father played in the NFL while his mother was a track coach at Chapel Hill for seven seasons. Even though he works for NASCAR, he didn't grow up as a motorsports fan but knew he wanted to be a part of something bigger.

"I didn't know anything about NASCAR going into it, but I wanted to be a sponge by learning about everything," said Warren. "I applied, and they accepted me then the rest was history."

At Charlotte, Warren first was involved with RadioFreeCharlotte. He was able to give his opinion on the happens within the game of basketball. One of Warren's peers on the show approached him about being a sportswriter for the Niner Times, and at first, he was unsure if he could do it, but he took a chance, and it became his passion.

"I was not involved with writing in any capacity growing up, but I can honestly say that my time with Niner Media, in general, was amazing," said Warren. "I feel that pure journalism is dying, and as I got older, I developed a passion for bringing it back."

Warren's hard work with the paper would pay off, and he had a chance to be an intern for the NBA's all-star weekend in Charlotte. Surrounded by some of his childhood heroes, he showed off his knowledge of the game. Warren took many things away from the opportunity and still implements them in his everyday life.

"I learned to compartmentalize passion when it comes to being a true professional," said Warren. "You can't let your passion overtake your professionalism but rather let it drive it."

Warren continued to find a way to be around sports and started another internship with Charlotte Motor Speedway. He worked NHRA events, dirt races and NASCAR races which allowed him to soak up the sport. Warren enjoyed his time at the track but received encouragement from his higher-ups to work for Nascar.

"I was encouraged by Deborah Norman of CMS to apply for the Nascar internship, and it didn't cross my mind to do it," said Warren. "I wanted to learn more about it and be a professional in every aspect."

Warren got his start with NASCAR in the diversity internship program. The program seeks diverse undergraduate as well as graduate students to contribute to the complex motorsports workforce. It creates the next generation of professionals in the world of NASCAR.

Currently, Warren is all over the place as he just finished a communications internship and is living the dream. He is involved in many things for Nascar, but he works most closely with the industry communications team. He is writing press releases, coordinating driver appearances and liaising between different entities in the sport. In addition, Warren has continued to be involved in the art of storytelling by highlighting pit crew members in other news markets.

"One of my biggest responsibilities is pitching, which guys need to be highlighted by getting their stories out into those major media outlets," said Warren. "It varies from week to week, but I love doing it."

Even though Warren has accomplished many things, he is looking toward the future. He feels that his faith has gotten him far and that he wouldn't have been able to get where he is today without it. He wants to continue to better himself in a professional and social space in the coming years.

"My long-term goal is to be a communications executive in professional sports," said Warren. "Most importantly, I want to be a family man that is full of faith. I want to be the best person that I can be."

After the internship, Warren earned a full-time position as Communications Coordinator with NASCAR.

Warren continues to represent his former school with all the accomplishments he has racked up. He is proud of where he has come from and is excited to see where life takes him. The future is bright for Jazz Warren.

"Going to Charlotte taught me so much about being in the real world, and it gave me a dose of what society is," said Warren. "The motto that the university had when I attended was about staking your claim, and that has been my mindset wherever I have been."

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