Women's Basketball

Team huddles up 

The 49ers were in a back-and-forth battle for a majority of the first three quarters after only having a day to prepare for the game. They came out top in the end by a score of 59-47. 

“It’s what we expected,” said 49er Coach Cara Consuegra. “We thought that was gonna be a tough game for us on a one day turnaround. I’m just proud of our kids.”

It was a low scoring affair to get things started. East Carolina had a slight 26-25 advantage at halftime. 

In the third quarter, tied at 33, Mariah Linney hit a three as the shot clock expired. From there, the 49ers went on a 10-0 scoring run in the span of four minutes. Charlotte never let up from that point forward. 

Linney led the team in points with 20 and added six assists. She also had a career-high of five steals. 

Like they have so far this season, the 49ers spread the ball around well. Jade Phillips put up 17 points and a season-best 14 rebounds. That made for a double-double for Phillips which was her third on the season. Jazmin Harris had 10 points in only 18 minutes. Freshman Cali Konek chipped in as well with a pair of three-pointers. 

Rebounding happened be to another key for the Charlotte win. They out-rebounded the Pirates 44-28 and shut down their defense in the second half. The Pirates shot 8-30 in the final half.  

There was a lot of adjusting throughout the night for Charlotte and Consuegra liked the way her team handled the changes. 

“What I liked the most about this game is it wasn’t easy,” Consuegra. “We weren't able to come out and just score like we have in the first three games. They sat in the zone and made it difficult. We didn’t allow that to rattle us.” 

The 4-0 start is the best for Charlotte since the 2011-12 season and only the sixth time they have started off on such a streak in school history. The 49ers will now have a week of rest and will host Fordham at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 24 in Halton Arena.

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