Chase Monroe

Charlotte redshirt senior linebacker Chase Monroe (47) goes for a tackle during a football game against Western Kentucky on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022.

Redshirt senior Chase Monroe has made an impact in his first year with the Charlotte football team, as he is one of the team's leading tacklers.

Before becoming a 49er, Monroe spent five years at Wake Forest University, where he was a defensive standout. He recorded 40 tackles in 21 games, but most of his time there was spent battling injury.

Monroe has had a positive outlook on his injuries and said the best way to work through adversity is to take it one day at a time.

"I think it's a day-by-day sort of thing. If you look at it long-term, you think it'll be a year before I get back; it's disheartening," said Monroe. "I feel blessed. Many people wish they could be hurt and still be in college and be able to come back twice; most people aren't able to do that."

During Monroe's five years with Wake Forest, he said there are multiple differences and similarities between a power five ACC program and Charlotte.

"We have good quality guys with good hearts," said Monroe. "Some facilities are different, but we have Charlotte alumni pouring love and finances into the program."

Before transferring to Charlotte, Monroe had interest from other programs, but being a Charlotte native was a critical factor in his decision to make the switch.

"I take pride in being from Charlotte – I love this city," said Monroe. "Whether we win or lose every game, I wanted to come home and help contribute something to my home city."

Monroe had a successful high school football career where he won North Carolina Defensive Player of the Year and was ranked the No. 49 Linebacker in the Nation. Throughout his collegiate career, he said his father is his biggest supporter and critic.

"I'm very thankful that my dad has been my coach since I was eight years old," said Monroe. "He's always been my dad, but he's always been my coach too. I'm my biggest critic, but he's probably my second biggest critic."

Monroe's resumé in high school and with Wake Forest was nothing shy of impressive. He continued that trend during his first year as a 49er as he enters the season finale with 47 total tackles – No. 3 on the team.

Although Monroe's first season with the 49ers has been a success, he reflects on the struggles that Charlotte has endured during their 2022 campaign.

"It's not that we're not talented, we have good coaches, but many things have to go right with the culture and the lead-up to win a game," said Monroe. "Our losses have come from self-inflicted wounds; it's not from a lack of talent or a bad game plan. It's mistakes made on the field, missed calls and miscommunication."

With Monroe bringing a veteran presence into the locker room, he said he connected instantly with his teammates.

"Everybody was very welcoming when I came here, and I didn't feel animosity," said Monroe. "It hasn't felt as isolating as you would experience in the transfer portal. Thankfully my experience here hasn't felt that way."

Monroe has not decided if he will return to Charlotte football next year. Monroe said he has been grateful for all of the opportunities after the injuries he has faced throughout his collegiate career.

"I'm sad because it might come where God is calling me, and I might start a new chapter in my life," said Monroe. "But I'm excited because I foresee myself coming back and putting together a better season next year, personally and for the team."

Monroe and the 49ers will host LA Tech on Saturday, Nov. 19, on senior day inside Jerry Richardson Stadium. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m., and the contest will be available to stream on ESPN3.