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Brice Williams in the paint

The Charlotte 49ers travel to Appalachian State this week to take on the Mountaineers. The Niners have had a strong start to the 2019-20 basketball season which include back to back victories over Davidson and Wake Forest. The past two games for Charlotte have been very impressive. They had a dominant performance against Davdison and were leading for most of the game. They also had a hard fought overtime victory on Sunday against Wake Forest. Charlotte looks to keep the momentum on their side at the expense of the App State Mountaineers.

Charlotte 49ers player to watch:

Jahmir Young

The freshman has had a sensational start to the year. He has averaged 15.7 points, 5.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game. He has shot the ball very well, shooting 56.7 percent from the field and 57 percent from behind the three point line. His defensive contributions cannot be denied either. He currently leads the team with nine steals and two blocks. Overall, Jahmir Young is a complete player on offense and defense. Young will not only be a key component for Charlotte in this game, but for the entire season.

Appalachian State player to watch:

Isaac Johnson

Johnson is a forward that can pose a problem for Charlotte if he gets going early. While his offensive numbers may not jump out, his defensive numbers are what make him a threat. He leads the team with 13 steals and 36 defensive rebounds. While Johnson’s offensive numbers are not staggering, he can be productive and efficient with the ball. He’s the second highest scorer on the team, averaging ten points per game. He also shoots 50 percent from the field and 33 percent from behind the three point line. 

Keys to the game

Ball distribution

The Charlotte 49ers have become more of a passing team this season. This has already given multiple players opportunities to score when necessary. This concept has helped the offense be more efficient and can get some teams off balance at times. If they continue to distribute the ball evenly, the Niners will be able to score quickly and efficiently. 

Getting to the foul line

The past two games, the 49ers have shot 42 free throws. Of those 42 free throws, they have made 33 of them, making them 78.5 percent from the line. Therefore, not only have the Niners went to the line frequently, but they have shot fairly well too. Appalachian State has also been very prone to get into some foul trouble. Right now, the Mountaineers are ranked No. 296 in fouls with 94 this year. If Charlotte can continue to get to the foul line, this could help them take home the victory over the Mountaineers.

Charlotte takes on Appalachian State this Thursday at 7 p.m. on ESPN+.

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