Tenis recap phto womens

Charlotte women's tennis' Emma Wilkins.

Taking on the Charleston Southern University (CSU) Buccaneers and the Duke University Blue Devils in a doubleheader, Charlotte women's tennis split the matches, taking a victory and a loss on Sunday. The 49ers sunk the Buccaneers 4-0 before losing to Duke by the same margin on Jan. 16. As the first results of the season, the 49ers sit 1-1 thus far.

Although Charlotte was able to bring the fight during the day's first contests against the Buccaneers, their efforts could not accomplish the same against the might of Duke.

Vs. Charleston Southern (4-0)

Try as they might, the Buccaneers fell short of competing with the offering made by Charlotte.

The 49ers beat Charleston Southern 6-0 in two doubles matches to prevail over the Buccaneers. The junior pair of Emma Wilkins and sophomore Lucie Petruzelova won first, soon followed by the team of seniors Margaux Maquet and Lucia Quiterio. 

For singles play, Charlotte took three matches straight to quickly cut down the Buccaneers. Wilkins rang up the score with two sets and 12 points to CSU's Khyanna Singh, who scored three; Petruzelova also won in her match. Maquet had a more challenging fight, going 7-5 in the first set before putting it to bed 6-0 and finishing Charlotte's efforts with a quick knockout.

Vs. Duke (0-4)

The Blue Devils held the hand from start to finish against the 49ers in both singles and doubles. 

Of the three matches for doubles, Duke finished ahead in two consecutive matches to carry the game. In all, a pair of Wilkins and Petruzelova and one pair of seniors, Kaavya Sawhney and Ruxi Schech, fell to the Blue Devils. A bright spot for Charlotte came from Maquet and Quiterio, who were ahead of their opponents in an unfinished contest.

Duke swept the 49ers in singles, leading in every head-to-head matchup by the time they won three matches to end the game. Petruzelova and Sawhney were the only two players for Charlotte to win a set.


The season's first results are overall encouraging for Charlotte's 2023 campaign. Rather than focus on the defeat to Duke, sitting at No. 6, a sturdy victory against Charleston Southern shows the power that Charlotte has to offer with the current lineup.

CSU, who earned No. 9 in the Carolina Region poll issued by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA), two behind Charlotte, was a comparable foe for the 49ers to face. Charlotte's victory is an excellent result. Duke ranked No. 1 in the same poll.

Maquet and Quiterio performed at the top of the order for the Charlotte crew in both games. Both as a team and individually, their efforts secured victories against CSU, and they were the only 49ers who made headway against the might of the Blue Devils. 

Along with them, Petruzelova showed great promise in winning a set against Duke and readily defeating opponents with the Buccaneers.

Next up

Charlotte women's tennis comes home to challenge the University of Iowa Hawkeyes at 1 p.m. on Jan. 20. The contest will occur at the LifeTime Fitness tennis club in Charlotte.