Some cuts

Charlotte fans run onto the field. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected plenty of things for Charlotte athletics on the field and now off.  

The Charlotte 49ers athletics department announced a temporary 10-day furlough for certain positions. 

The furlough affects 48 positions who make an annual salary excess of $50,000, according to Charlotte athletics.

“While our athletic program has built reserves to weather a significant portion of the COVID-related financial impact to our operations, we simply cannot sustain the ongoing hits to our revenue stream without affecting our ability to deliver for our programs and student-athletes,” said Charlotte athletics Mike Hill said in a statement. 

The furlough period will last from Nov. 23 until June 30, 2021, but the employees have the flexibility to choose the 10 days during the seven month period.

The athletic department has provided as much flexibility as possible by providing the furloughed employees to take their time off in hourly increments to best fit their needs. According to Charlotte Athletics, all employees will continue to receive their benefits and medical insurance. 

“As we attempt to manage through this incredibly unpredictable era in our business, we will continue to monitor and respond responsibly to any future challenges,” said Hill. “While decisions affecting people are never easy, I am extremely confident in our team’s ability to persevere through this time.”

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