William “Scotty” Cameron filed a lawsuit in March of 2019 against Charlotte and the men’s tennis head coach, Jeremy Feldman, after being kicked off the team for supposedly having bullied teammate, Michael Bass.

Cameron joined the team after being recruited into the same standout class with Luca Keist, Siem Fenne, Collin Thomson and Benjamin Wayand. He transferred from the University of South Carolina following his freshman season.

Cameron has claimed that he, in fact, did not bully Bass and that they were friends. Eventually, both went to some of the University officials, including Title IX case administrator Alex Thompkins and executive director of Human Resources Jeanne Madorin, to explain that the accusations were incorrect and that it was actually Feldman whose behavior was unacceptable.

Claims about Feldman making sexually and religiously offensive remarks were made in the lawsuit as well as some claims in reference to the player’s health. Cameron said that Feldman made him run a mile, ignoring that he had an injury and that even though this resulted in worse pain he was still required to participate in practices and again, worsened the injury.

After he was assured that scholarship money would remain available to him, he found that in Fall of 2018 he was no longer being awarded the scholarship. This is also a large component of the allegations included in the lawsuit.

The NCAA has opened an investigation into the lawsuit against Charlotte based upon some of the allegations in the lawsuit, including those that say his scholarship was taken away after promises of it being upheld. Contrary to this allegation, the University recently said that the scholarship money was actually available to Cameron until he withdrew from the University.

The information regarding this story will be updated as it becomes available.

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