Charlotte men's soccer last recap

Charlotte men's soccer fell out of the NCAA tournament with a 1-0 loss.  

First Half

The 49ers started on the front foot this match. The 49ers had their best moments of the match in the first half, with four shots on target in the first ten minutes.

However, the best goal-scoring opportunity came five minutes into the match as Kameron Lacey was able to find Axel Sigurdarson inside the penalty area.

Still, Sigurdarson could not get a proper shot off, and the Panthers' defense cleared it. The Panthers were then able to score at the 25:17 mark in the first half.

The Panther's goal came off a set-piece free-kick crossed in by Ross Finnie that found George Proctor inside the penalty area, and he was able to get a slight touch with his toe to place the ball past 49ers goalkeeper Daniel Kuzemka.

The Panthers received two cautions as Proctor, and Logan Luque picked them up. 

Second half 

The Panthers were able to contain the 49ers all second half and only were playing to counter-attack and hold onto their 1-0 lead. However, the Panther's first-half goal was sufficient for them to advance at the end of regulation.

There was a late no-call on a play inside the penalty area that seemed to be a push from behind from Panthers goalkeeper Gunther Rankenburg on 49ers Preston Popp, but the officials made no decision, and play continued.

"I am very proud of the group of seniors that have helped us to keep this program as one of the elite college soccer programs in the country and to have us challenging for the conference tournament final the last few years," said Langan after the loss.  

The loss marked the last college game for Joe Brito. 

"I am really grateful and proud of my time here. I grew a lot as a soccer player and as a person. This is something I will remember the rest of my life and take from it into my professional career," said Brito.  

This win is Georgia State's first win in the NCAA men's soccer tournament in program history. The Panthers will advance to the second round and travel away to face Georgetown on Sunday, Nov. 21.

Charlotte ends the season 10-6-1. 

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