Kiersten Berrier at bat

Charlotte softball set a season high for runs on Sunday, March 3 against College of Charleston, winning 15-9. It was their first game out of the past six that has been played in full and not called after five innings.

Charleston got their bats going early in the first, but so did Charlotte. Three hits and three runs for the Cougars gave Charlotte a chance to answer back right away — and they did. Kiersten Berrier started the order with a single to shortstop. Following that, hitting was contagious for the Niners. Katie Manring added another RBI to her stats after making contact. Lizzy Birch then doubled to right-field for an RBI. Ending the first with two left on base at 4-3 four errors from the Cougars gave the 49ers the lead.

With the bases loaded in the third, Dexlie Inman walked which tied the game after an unearned run. Charleston gained the lead at 5-4. Charlotte advanced ahead another two runs in the bottom of the third.

Bailey Vannoy was up to bat with the bases loaded for the Niners and reached first base on a fielder’s choice, gaining an RBI when Emily Ocker scored. It gave Charlotte a three-point lead over the Cougars, 8-5.

When Junior Chandler Sparkman singled to center-field, she rallied two RBIs that followed a previous run from the Cougars as well, giving them the lead over the Niners, 9-8 in the bottom of the fifth.

The Niners’ go-to, Manring, came up big for them with a double up the middle and two more RBIs to get the lead back. Charlotte scored seven total runs in the sixth inning, making the score 15-9. Charleston could not find a way to come back from it which gave the Niners their seventh win on the season.

The next game will be at North Carolina on Tuesday, Mar. 5 at 5 p.m.

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