Charlotte Lafourcade and Jennifer Rosenberg.

The senior duo of Charlotte Lafourcade and Jennifer Rosenberg brought a wealth of experience to the Charlotte women's golf team this season. Both players found their way to Charlotte through the transfer portal, leaving a legacy of positivity and leadership that will live on with their teammates.

The 49ers started the season with an underwhelming 13th place finish in the Sam Golden Invitational in Sept. 2021. The team turned things around with multiple top-five finishes in the Bryan National Collegiate, Evie Odom Invitational, River Landing Classic and the Ironwood Invitational. The 49ers ended the season with an outstanding third-place finish in the Conference USA (C-USA) Championship.

Lafourcade shared her thoughts on the team's accomplishments.

"We all have worked hard to get where we ended, which I am the proudest of," said Lafourcade.

Fueled by a passion for golf from a young age, both players credited their competition for pushing them to the next level. Rosenberg reflected on her origins in the sport and her family's role.

"It isn't one person who is an inspiration, but my grandparents and dad got me into the sport," said Rosenberg. "I was drawn to it because of the competition and how close the golf family is. It is unique and requires so much mental toughness. Even though it was hard, it drew me to the sport and fueled me to be better."

Lafourcade added how her support on the international stage empowered her as a player.

"Playing internationally and meeting different people motivated me," said Lafourcade. "The competition has fueled me, and I was lucky enough to have so many people support me, which allowed me to play confident golf."

A New York native, Rosenberg played at Tulane University, where she was a standout. Her time with the Green Wave spanned four seasons before jumping to the Queen City. Rosenberg immediately felt comfortable at Charlotte, which contributed to her decision.

"The first phone call I had with her [Head Coach Ryan Ashburn] felt like I was talking to a coach and a close friend simultaneously," expressed Rosenberg. "We had a comfort level right off the bat."

Lafourcade, hailing from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France, committed to playing golf at Maryland in 2017. She spent four years with the Terrapins before deciding to transfer to Charlotte. Lafourcade credits Ashburn for her choice to compete for the 49ers.

"Coach Ashburn didn't convince me to come here, but rather the relationship between us did," said Lafourcade. "Charlotte is great academically, and previous coaches had high expectations, which drew me to come here. Without Coach Ashburn, I wouldn't be here right now."

The bond between Rosenberg and Lafourcade is tight-knit as both come from similar backgrounds. Both players fit into the leadership role of the team. Each player reflected on the importance of their friendship.

"We are best friends, and we are on another wavelength because we have been through it," said Rosenberg. "We have been each other's supporters like no other. I wouldn't have gotten through this year without her [Lafourcade]."

"We bonded very fast," Lafourcade added. "If she doesn't laugh, I will feel bad, and we have been there for each other. I don't know where I would be without her [Rosenberg]."

Rosenberg and Lafourcade brought a sense of veteran leadership to a young 49er squad. The team learned from their mistakes through uncertain circumstances, and both players shined in their new roles. Rosenberg shared her philosophy on guiding the younger pool of talent.

"You learn from mistakes whether you are a young or older player," said Rosenberg. "You learn from experiences, and that's what I took away from this season. I will also take it passed college."

Rosenberg grew as a player and person while battling through adversity throughout the season. She feels that surrounding herself with the right people changed her mindset completely.

"I had a tough year injury-wise. I dealt with adversity, and I wouldn't have gotten through it without my team and coaches," said Rosenberg.

"Surrounding yourself with people that care helps everything. Being optimistic and keeping a smile on my face is so important."

Lafourcade took multiple lessons away from the season, such as picking yourself up when you hit rock bottom. She believes that her coaches and teammates contributed to her positive attitude.

"I pulled myself out thanks to my coaches and teammates. When you hit rock bottom and have people there to support you, it makes it easier to get back up," said Lafourcade. "No matter what comes your way, you have to keep that smile."

Both players reflected on their legacies. They hope that they have given the underclassmen tools to become leaders. The halls of Charlotte will forever be changed because of their positive attitudes.

"It goes back to picking somebody up when they are down, and when you are on a team that laughs, it is great. I hope they take my laughter and sarcasm and run with it when I am not here," said Rosenberg.

Lafourcade's playing days are over, but she plans to stick around and help take the program to new heights by advising the next generation.

"I want to stay around and help the younger players with leadership and just being a friend," said Lafourcade.

What's next for both players? Rosenberg plans to pursue golf professionally as she looks to cut the U.S. Women's Open in May. Lafourcade's goals are academic, as she is one semester away from earning her MBA and plans to work at Charlotte after graduation.

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