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In 2010, my mom and dad rushed me out of bed early in the morning and shoved me into our Honda Odyssey, where I promptly fell asleep. When I w…


Last Sunday, several members of the Niner Times staff embarked on a trip to uncover lost pirate treasure and break an ancient curse. Spare Tim…

Elissa Miller If I’ve spoken to you in the past two years, there is a 99% chance I have mentioned the television show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” to you. It tells the story of Rebecca Bunch, an unfulfilled attorney in New York City who happens to run into her first boyfriend on the street. She subsequently quits

At 5:40 p.m. on April 30, the UNC Charlotte community was thrown into chaos. An armed assailant fired into the classroom of Dr. Adam Johnson’s LBST 2213, located in the Kennedy building. Six students were shot. Two, Ellis Parlier and Riley Howell, were killed. Drew Pescaro, Sean DeHart, Rami Al-Ramadhan and Emily Houpt were injured.

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