Hiral Patel

Opinion Editor


Content warning: This article contains images from April 30 that may be disturbing. 

Oswaldo Joseph Silva, Jr. was one of the many survivors who attended.

The University, in conjunction with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, coordinated a heavy police presence for the vigil.

The UNC Charlotte Women’s Chorus performed a rendition of "Rain Come Down" by Shawn Kirchner, which was written to commemorate the Columbine m…

Halton Arena, which seats 9,105, was completely filled. Many stood on the sidelines, in the stairways and in the entrances in order to watch t…

First responders also attended, including the Charlotte Fire Department.

Chancellor Philip Dubois announced 24 hours after the shooting that the two students killed were Riley Howell, 21, and Ellis “Reed” Parlier, 19.

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